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Finally, it’s spring! Nature awakens after a long winter break. Thousands of wildflowers cover the forest, while fruit tree blossoms add color to the rolling landscapes. It’s like a coloring book coming to life. In this article, I will list 4 spring walks in Belgium. Let’s go!

Bertem forest walk [Flemish Brabant]

This waymarked walk is just over 7 kilometers long and starts at the intersection of the Bosstraat and Vernagelstraat in Bertem. If you are using a GPS, you can enter the following coordinates: 50°52’47.7″N 4°37’35.5″E. It’s possible to park your car at the starting point. You walk through the centuries-old Bertem Forest. In early spring, the forest is covered by wood anemones. The wood anemone normally flowers in March, April and May. During this walk, you will also pass by hollow roads and rural fields. Something completely different to see, are the radar stations of Bertem, which regulate the air traffic over Belgium. Zaventem airport is less than 20 kilometers away. The Bertem Forest is a green pearl in the region around Leuven.

Walking in the Holzwarche valley [Liege]

Every year in April, wild daffodils are blooming in the Holzwarch valley. As the name suggests, this valley is located in the east of Belgium, close to the German border. With an extensive hiking network, this region truly is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. I did a hike which I had found on, starting from a car park along the Mürringer Weg (50°25’25.9″N 6°18’04.5″E). You can also use the hiking route planner of the region to create a route yourself. I first noticed the junction nodes when I was already on site. I will definitely come back later and try this out! The car park on Mürringer weg is close to junction node 50 and is an excellent starting point. The natural beauty in this valley is unseen: there are meadows full of daffodils!

Walking between the pear orchards [Limburg]

Haspengouw is a large fruit region in Belgium. I really enjoy going there, it’s a beautiful region. My favorite walk in Haspengouw is the pear orchard walk, which starts at the Sint-Genoveva church in Zepperen. This church, built in two different architectural styles, houses special murals from 1509! The walk (8.5 kilometers) takes you to the villages of Zepperen and Hoepertingen and of course to the many orchards around. Best times to do this hike? Although it’s a wonderful hike in all seasons, it’s highly recommended to do this in the second half of April (during the blossom season) or in late summer months (when the picking season starts).

Walking in the Neigem forest [East Flanders]

The Hallerbos, also known as “the Blue Forest”, is a popular hotspot for photographers all over the world. But did you know you can also see the wild hyacinth in other places in Belgium? Just think of the Neigem forest, an old forest near Ninove. Today you can spot wood anemones and wild hyacinths in the Neigem forest. There are 3 short, signposted walking routes. You can download your map here. There is a small parking lot at the chapel of Bevingen and another one at the Neigembosstraat. I parked at the chapel and followed the blue signs (3,7 kilometers). For those who can’t get enough of walking, a longer hiking route (10,6 kilometers) is available via the junction node network. Keep in mind that the wild hyacinth only blooms for about 2 weeks, between late April and early May. Of course, this depends on the weather conditions.

Enjoy the beauty of nature! Always stay on the hiking trails, even when it’s to take that one unique instagram shot. Spring flowers generally are very sensitive, so do not trample them. Leave the flowers in their natural habitat. Don’t pick them, no matter how beautiful they are.


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