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Did you know you don’t have to travel to the Alps to ride a cable car? In the Heuvelland region in West-Flanders, the Cordoba cableway is located. A unique attraction in Belgium. After your cable car ride, I would reccomend to have a walk along the vineyards of the wine estate Entre-Deux-Monts and to grab a glass of wine. Heuvelland literally means ‘Land of Hills’, referring to the rolling hills stretching across the Belgium-France border.

Cordoba cable car in Heuvelland (West-Flanders, Belgium)

Wine estate Entre-Deux-Monts

‘Entre-Deux-Monts’ (literally: between two mountains) refers to the geographical location of the wine estate, in between the Rodeberg and the Zwarteberg. The rolling hills and the moderately cool climate make viticulture possible in this region. Martin Bacquaert, winegrower and owner of Entre-Deux-Monts, ensures a sustainable management of the vineyard and aims to reduce the ecological footprint, by installing solar panels and using recycled cardboard for example. In the wine shop of Entre-Deux-Monts, you can not only buy the different wines, you can also taste them for a small price. The tasting room even has a balcony, from where you have a beautiful view over the vineyards and the surrounding fields. This could be France, right!? Well, the border is close, of course. Please book directly on the website of Entre-Deux-Monts to join a guided tour in the company.

SUMMER TIP. Go have a drink in summerbar Entre-Deux-Verres, located in the vineyards. Besides tasting the local wine, you can order some delicious snacks.

Walk & Talk route

The ‘Walk & Talk route’, starting at the wine shop of Entre-Deux-Monts, leads you from one vineyard to another. When you’re about halfway, you walk underneath the Cordoba cable car. The walk is 5.8 kilometers long and is not signposted. Before you start hiking, you can pick up a map in the wine shop or you can just download the map from their website (click here). The wine shop of Entre-Deux-Monts is indicated as the official starting point, but you can also start at another location as it is a round trip. We started at Kosmos, a former holiday resort with a large parking space. The abandoned building is a popular photo spot for urban explorers. It is not allowed to enter the building, but the parking lot next to it is open to public (and free!).

Heuvelland walking network

The Heuvelland walking network connects some of the most beautiful hiking paths in the region, often unpaved and in the middle of nature. You can design a hiking route yourself using the junction nodes of this network. One of the advantages of using junction nodes is that you can fully adapt your hike to your needs and preferences.

Cordoba cable car

Just before the border with France, the Cordoba cable car is located. This chairlift was built in the 1950s by Austrian Alpine specialists and is still operating today. It is the only cable car in Flanders, so it’s quite unique! I can really recommend making a cable car ride here, it is so relaxing! You’ll float above the vineyards of Entre-Deux-Monts, having some beautiful views. The Cordoba cable car has (re)gained popularity in recent years, as it was featured in some Belgian TV-series.

Cordoba cable car ride
The view during a cable car ride in Heuvelland

PRACTICAL INFORMATION. In July and August, the Cordoba cable car is open every day, except on Friday. In other periods, the cable car is only open on weekend days and public holidays. The price for an adult is 5 euros, the price for children under 12 years is 4 euros (prices 2022).

Where to eat and drink in Heuvelland

In West-Flanders, you can find lots of traditional pubs, with a wide range of regional beers. Go and taste the Belgian beers! There are also multiple dining options in the region. In the evening, we had dinner in ‘Den Heksestoel‘, near the church of Loker. The welcoming atmosphere and the rustic interior are just great.

SUMMER TIP. Be sure to jump in at ‘Suprice‘, a gelato & coffee bar with a contempory interior and a  suprising menu. My favorite ice cream? Coupe Cuberdon, without a doubt! What’s that, I hear you think? Well, it’s basically ice cream made of Belgian sweets. Just try it yourself! It is delicious. Surprice is the ideal stop during a hot summer walk. If you follow the Walk & Talk route (as described above), you will pass by this gelato & coffee bar just before finishing your hike. Good to know: besides ice cream, you can also order waffles and pancakes (and even wine!).


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