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Wine lovers alert! In the Belgian village Molenbeek-Wersbeek (Bekkevoort), you can sleep in a wine barrel in the middle of a vineyard. The Petrushoeve wine domain offers a sustainable stay with this accommodation, not far away from the city of Leuven. There are many hiking & biking trails to discover the beautiful Hageland region, with its gently rolling hills.

Wine barrel in the Hageland region

Where to stay: Petrushoeve wine domain

In 2010, Gerry Calders invested in a rural cottage in Bekkevoort. He became interested in viticulture and few years later, he planted the first vines on the property. And so, the Petrushoeve wine domain was born. The winery has become bigger throughout the years, producing several wine varieties. More recently, a wine barrel was installed at the Petrushoeve wine domain. It is just wonderful to stay in a vineyard.

When we arrive at the Petrushoeve wine domain, we become warmly welcomed and we may even take a look in the wine cellar. The perfect opportunity to refill our stock of (sparkling) wine, jeej! You will also get some information and tips about the area. Staying overnight at the Petrushoeve wine domain even is kidsproof! It has a large playground with wooden toys. And kids will probably be attracted to the many farm animals too!

Wine cellar of the Petrushoeve wine domain

The wine barrel is suitable for a maximum of 4 persons. In addition to your overnight stay, you can also order a breakfast basket and/or BBQ package. Go to the website of the Petrushoeve wine domain to check the availability and prices. Please note there is no electricity in the wine barrel, and the beds are not covered yet. You must bring your own blankets. You can use the toilet and shower located in the mobile bathroom at a hundred meters from the wine barrel.

Walking through the orchards of the Hageland region

I recommend the ‘muggenbergwandeling’, which is a short hike following some junction nodes of the walking network ‘Hagelandse Heuvels’. You will pass colorful fruit orchards and spacious farmland. A great combo to have some lovely views along the way.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION. If you want to do this hike, you have to follow the junction nodes 318 – 321 – 322 – 323 – 315 – 316 – 317 – 318. The official starting point is the church of the village Molenbeek-Wersbeek (junction node 318). But you can also choose to start your hike at the Petrushoeve wine domain, which is located near junction node 321. The hike is 5.6 kilometers long. If you would like to download the gpx file of this hike, you can do so on the website of Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant.

Horst Castle

Hidden among the rolling hills of the Hageland region is Horst Castle. Eyecather of this castle is the keep, which dates back to the 15th century. Currently, the castle is closed due to renovation, but you can take a walk around the pond and eat a waffle or pancake in tavern afterwards. There are also many beautiful hiking trails starting at the castle grounds, including the Horst Walk (9.3 kilometers) and the Broekem Walk (10 kilometers).

Horst Castle

Vlooyberg Tower

Not a floating chapel in the Hageland region, but a floating staircase! The Vlooyberg Tower is 11 meters high and serves as an observation tower in Tielt-Winge. It has become a hotspot in Belgium since it was a filming location for the TV series ‘Callboys’. This special observation tower is part of the Alsberg walk, leading you to the ‘Walen forest’.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION. For the Alsberg walk (6,4 kilometers long), you have to follow the junction nodes 206 – 204 – 203 – 202 – 201 – 244 – 24 – 25 – 26 – 206. You can leave your car at a parking lot, close to junction node 206. If you would like to download a gpx file of the route, you can do so on the website of Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant.


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