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Bohuslän is a beautiful coastline in Sweden, which stretches from Göteborg to the Norwegian border. I immediately fell in love with this rugged archipelago! Walk over the slippery rocks and you will be amazed by the spectacular views over the many islands, over and over again.

1. Sankt Olofs valar (Kyrkesund)

It was actually a coincidence that I discovered this viewpoint. Obviously a very good one! After a few active days on the island of Tjörn, my partner and I decided to spend the afternoon on Linneviken Beach. That’s a small, quiet beach in the neighbourhood of the village Kyrkesund. On our way to the beach, I noticed a wooden pathway which made its way through the green. As we had some rainy days, we moved on to the beach to enjoy sunshine. But yet, I kept wondering. Where would that path lead? At the time my partner started cooking dinner in the camper, I couldn’t wait any longer. Before I knew, I stood at the top of the rocks above Kyrkesund. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. I had to blink a few times… What a spectacular panorama! And wait until you see the sun sinking into the sea. We came back later that evening to watch the sunset (which is quite late in summer, after 10 pm). It was the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen!

2. Nature reserve Ramsvikslandet

When you make a road trip along the west coast of Sweden, you should definitely go for a hike in the nature reserve Ramsvikslandet. Various hiking trails run through Ramsvikslandet, varying in length. The shortest walking route is 1.5 km long, while the longest route is around 16 km. We chose to follow part of the orange route. The orange route is actually a network of paths that you can combine. It must be one of the most adventurous walks I have done so far! It’s a walk where you have to be attentive. And it’s not only about watching your step on the slippery rocks. The orange poles that indicate the route are not always clearly visible. That means that you leave ‘the path’ much faster than you think. Well, the fact that I point out this “risk” to you, means of course that I got lost myself.. whoops! Although the hike was quite difficult, it was worth the effort! Ramsvikslandet is called “The Kingdom of the Cliffs” for a reason.

3. Vetteberget (Fjällbacka)

In the previous article of the Sweden series, I wrote about a number of picturesque fishing villages along the west coast, including Fjällbacka. The Vetteberget, a 74 meter high rock in the center of Fjällbacka, should of course not be missing in the list of the most beautiful views. A hiking trail starts on the Ingrid Bergman square, which leads you through the narrow Kungsklyftan gorge to the top of Vetteberget. From there, you have a magnificent view over the harbor of Fjällbacka and the surrounding islands. To return to the village, you can take the same path back, or you can follow the path over the rock (blue route).

* Note: Sturdy shoes are recommended to walk to the previous viewpoints!


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