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The Swedish west coast serves up a varied landscape. The coasline of Halland differs clearly from the Bohuslän coast in Västra Götalands län. In Halland, long, sandy beaches follow one another, while Bohuslän is a rugged coastline with rocks of granite and a thousand of small islands, most of them uninhabited. In this article, you can read more about our travel itinerary.

Roadtrip along the Swedish west coast

One of the longest bridges in Europe

Brussel – Malmö [1100 kilometers]

We spend most of our first day of travel in the camper, because we drive directly from Brussels to Sweden. There are several ways to reach the Swedish mainland by car or motorhome. For example, you can choose to take a ferry from Germany or Denmark, but you can also choose to drive the whole route. The last option involves two impressive bridges: first the Storebaeltsbroen in Denmark and soon afterwards the famous Oresund Bridge. The ‘Øresundsbron’ is central in the Scandinavian crime series ‘The Bridge’. In the first episode, a body is found on the bridge, just on the border between Denmark and Sweden. Saga Norén to the rescue! The quirky detective drives around in an olive green Porsche and is always honest (even when a little lie would be better). A niece piece of acting of the actress Sofia Helin. The four seasons of ‘The Bridge’ are available on Netflix: bingewatch alert! Perfect for dark winter evenings and lazy Sundays.

Oresund Bridge

Would you like the recipe?

No, it wasn’t tasty.

— Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö

Overnight stay: the paying motorhome parking near the harbour of Limhamn (Malmö)

50 shades of red

Malmö – Bua [233 kilometers]

We leave the Øresundsbron behind us and take the E6, a motorway that runs parallel to the west coast for more than 300 kilometers and goes all the way up to the north of Norway. By noon, we arrive at Mellbystrand, the longest sandy beach in Sweden. Summer holidays hasn’t started yet, so it’s still very quiet at the beach. From here, it’s just a one hour’s drive to Bua, a small fishing village south of Gothenburg. The old lighthouse is wrapped in 50 shades of red when the evening falls. #skyporn above Krogstadsudda Lighthouse.

Overnight stay: the paying motorhome parking at the port of Bua

The herring island

Bua – Klädesholmen [132 kilometers]

The coastline of Bohuslän stretches from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border. Our first stop is Klädesholmen, also known as ‘the herring island’. In the 19th century, people lived from the fishery and the canning of herring. There were numerous canning factories on the island, of which only one remains today. In the herring museum, you can learn more about that period of time and the island’s history.

Although Klädesholmen is located on an island, you don’t need a boat to get there. The small island is connected to the larger island of Tjörn via a bridge, which in turn is connected to the mainland by the Tjörn bridge. The roads in Bohuslän are just impressive.

Foodies can visit Salt & Sill, a restaurant that has won several awards with its surprising herring preparations. A tasty sensation on the water. Salt & Sill also offers compact hotel rooms on a floating platform.

Klädesholmen - the herring island

Overnight stay: the paying motorhome parking at Mossholmens Marina (just outside Klädesholmen)

Meet Anna

Klädesholmen – Pilane – Linneviken [23 kilometers]

Every year in summer, you can visit a rare sculpture exhibition in Pilane. I’m not really into art, but the contemporary sculptures on the granite surface fascinate me. The most striking sculpture is the giant head. ‘Anna’ is a work of art by the Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa.

Sculpture i Pilane - Anna

After visiting Sculpture in Pilane, we enjoy a glass of rosé in Linneviken badplats, near Kyrkesund. My husband and I agreed to include an afternoon of ‘doing nothing’ in our travel program. But the truth is: I’m way too curious for that! Especially because I noticed a wooden pathway on our way to the beach,making its way up through the greenery. I kept wondering where the path would lead. It itches, so I decide to climb to the rocks above Kyrkesund and I’m blown away. The panorama of the Bohuslän archipelago during ‘golden hour’ is stunning.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein
Looking out over the Swedish west coast

Overnight stay: the parking lot of Linneviken badplats (take note of the signs)

Hidden gem in Bohuslän

Linneviken – Grundsund [73 kilometers]

Grundsund is a charming fishing village little known by tourists. The village is split in two by a harbor channel. One part of the village is located on the island of Skaftö while the other part on the small island of Ösö. The boathouses along the harbor canal are painted in the deep red color that is so characteristic for Sweden: ‘falu red’. On the eastern side of the village, there is a wooden pathway along the rocky coastline.

Overnight stay: a parking lot on the island of Skaftö

Colorful boathouses

Grundsund – Smögen [87 kilometers]

The fishing village of Smögen is best known for its pier with colorful boathouses. The Smögenbryggan is about 600 meters long and takes you to the fishing port, where fish is still auctioned almost daily. It can be very busy during the high season, but in June, it was still pretty calm. We take a look in the souvenir shops and eat fresh mussels in one of the restaurants along the shore.


Overnight stay: Park & Stay Smögen

The Kingdom of the Cliffs

Smögen – Ramsvikslandet [10 kilometers]

When you make a road trip along the Swedish west coast, you should definitely go for a walk in the nature reserve Ramsvikslandet, also known as ‘The Kingdom of the Cliffs’. During your walk, you will climb over rocky cliffs in a landscape where the ice age has clearly left its mark. It has to be one of the most adventurous hikes I’ve done so far… and not only because of the climbing skills we have to show! The signposts we follow cannot be called striking in the pink rocky landscape, so we have to pay close attention. It begins to look a lot like a game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ to me. In Ramsvikslandet, you can choose from short walking routes to intensive day walks. The choice is yours!

Overnight stay: Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

Fictional crime scenes in Fjällbacka

Ramsvikslandet – Fjällbacka [36 kilometers]

The Swedish writer Camilla Läckberg was inspired by her native village to write an exciting series of books, starring the police officer Patrik Hedström and the writer Erica Falck solving some brutal murders. Fjällbacka looks like a peaceful village but beneath the surface, dark secrets and intrigue are hidden.

The imposing Kungsklyftan gorge was once formed by an earthquake and has split the Vetteberget in two. A hiking trail, starting at Ingrid Bergman Square, leads you through the narrow gorge to the top of the rock. From there you have a magnificent view over the harbor of Fjällbacka and the surrounding islands.

The residents of Fjällbacka are busy preparing the midsummer festivities when we stroll through the village. Just two more days! On midsummer evening, the summer solstice is traditionally celebrated with numerous festivities: raising the maypole for example. We want to experience the midsummer magic and decide to go to Dalarna, a region where folklore and tradition are central.

Overnight stay: a parking lot just outside Fjällbacka

Practical information

  • The currency in Sweden is Swedish Krona. 1 euro is approximately equal to 10 SEK, depending on the exchange rate. Before I left Belgium, I ordered some cash in the bank, but that wasn’t really necessary. It is possible to pay with the card almost everywhere.
  • In Sweden, it’s possible to set up your tent in nature, as long as you don’t leave any dirt behind while camping. However, motorized vehicles are not allowed to go off the beaten track. You can spend the night on parking lots, unless signs indicate that it is forbidden. I use the Campercontact and Park4night app to find nice spots. Aways show respect for the environment.
  • Storebaeltsbroen and Øresundsbron are both toll roads.

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