I am Isabel, a ‘twenty something’ travel enthusiast from Belgium.

Thanks for taking a look at my travelblog!

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a writer. I was full of fantasy and wanted to write fictional stories. Nevertheless, I’ve made other choices in life and went to study psychology, which is my current jobdomain. Writing has always remained one of my greatest passions though, together with travelling. So, starting my own travel blog seemed like a nice opportunity to me.

When I have days off, I love to go outside and explore as much as possible, mostly in Europe. I like to be surprised by the magic of authentic destinations… Think of old churches, castles and picturesque villages. Those are my favorites.

You don’t necessarily have to travel to another continent to be surprised, isn’t it? Sometimes, that what you are looking for is just behind the corner. There are so many unique places that are not (yet) receiving the attention they deserve.

That’s why I want to put especially those places in the spotlight. With this travel blog, I hope to inspire and inform you about many wonderful destinations within Europe.

I’ll regularly post an article, not only about the roadtrips I’ve made but also about shorter jouneys, like daytrips and weekend trips closer to home.

I hope it might help you while planning your next trip!

Oh, and what really makes me instant happy? Dreaming away at a nice view.

Enjoy reading!