Isabel during a boat trip on Lago di Braies

Thanks for taking a look at my travelblog!

I am Isabel, a ‘twenty something’ travel enthusiast from Belgium who’s taking up to hundred pictures at each viewpoint. I would like to share those pictures with you, just like the many travel stories I have to tell! That’s how my travel blog IsaBellevue was born.

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a writer. Nevertheless, I’ve made other choices in life and went to study psychology, which is my current jobdomain. Writing has always remained one of my greatest passions though, together with travelling.

When I’m out of office, I’m constantly searching for new adventures. But what does that mean to me, adventure? Chasing castles, hiking in the mountains and everything in between! I am always fascinated by locations with an interesting history.

With this travel blog, I hope to inspire and inform you about many wonderful destinations within Europe. As I work fulltime, it’s not possible to write at a very regular basis. I love writing, but I prefer quality over quantity which means I invest lots of time in just one blogpost. I admit, I’m a control freak.

Make sure to also take a look at the website of Mountainreporters, an online travel magazine I write articles for as a guest reporter.

Enjoy reading!