As a travel blogger, I am happy to collaborate with businesses in the travel industry.

What is possible?

  • Press trips: visiting a specific region or accommodation to write a blog post about it on my website.
  • Product reviews: testing travel-related products and writing about my experience on
  • Give-aways on the social media channels of IsaBellevue (Instagram and Facebook)

Why would you collaborate with IsaBellevue?

  • All blog posts on are written in Dutch and English. Visitors can easily switch between both languages via the button in the main menu or the widget in the sidebar. In this way, IsaBellevue is able to reach a wide audience, across borders.
  • IsaBellevue is active on social media, more specifically on Instagram and Facebook. IsaBellevue currently has over 1300 followers on Instagram.
  • I always try to deliver high quality travel information for my readers, textual as well as visual. I may not be a professional photographer, but I do attach great importance to the quality of the images I include in my blog posts.